Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Benefits of Natural Birthing and Hypnobirthing

Benefits of Natural Childbirth
1. Mothers who labour naturally can move freely, go to the bathroom, walk and change positions throughout labor. According to the Cochrane Review, recent studies have shown that getting medication makes changing positions even after birth more difficult.

2. Since you can feel your body's reflexes in natural childbirth, mothers can push better and generally faster. In fact studies show that getting an epidural prolongs your pushing time.

3. The discomfort during labour serves a purpose by guiding the mother to seek certain positions. For example, if her back hurts, she will naturally seek positions off her back which can help to turn her baby. Having back pain is one sign that the baby might be posterior and needs to rotate.

4. Mothers often describe that their recovery after a natural childbirth was faster and easier since they could get right up and walk and shower. Usually they eat right away and their appetite is normal.

5. Endorphins secreted during a natural childbirth have been found in the placenta and umbilical cord. This may serve a purpose to help the baby adjust to life outside as well as make the journey more comfortable for baby.

6. Research has shown that in mothers who have natural childbirth, babies are more alert and show more interest in pre-breastfeeding behaviours such as sucking and massaging the mother's breasts, as well as the actual length of time they spend nursing within the first 90 minutes

Benefits of HypnoBirthing
1. Eliminates the Fear - Tension - Pain syndrome before, during and after birthing.

2. Reduces or often eliminates medical interventions.

3. Lessens fatigue

4. Shortens the thinning and opening( effacing and dilating) phase of labour

5. Bonding Mom - baby -partner

6. Birthing companion (father, partner) is an integral part

7. Baby blues, reduces postnatal discomfort

8. Babies are better adjusted

9. Mom - no hyperventilating from shallow breathing

10. Birthing is back to going within the body, following natures queues

For more statistical information regarding the benefits of HypnoBirthing please see the Hypnobirthing Institute

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