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I recently moved out to Sherwood Park and moved my business there as well.

Tuesday and Thursday Night I am working out of Muscle Elements. The rest of the week I am located in Brentwood Area, Oriole Crescent, T8A 0B2.

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Group HypnoBirthing Cabout:newtablasses

Group classes held in Sherwood Park listed below:
*Please note there are only 5-6 spots per group available.

Spring 2017

Mondays starting March 20 - April 10, 2017 - 6-8:30pm
If these dates and times do not work for your schedule please inquire about taking private classes.

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Latest HypnoBirthing Moms and their babies.

This is just one of the newest birthing stories, click here to read more amazing stories about birth

My husband and I were in your HypnoBirthing class back around March. We were the ones having our second baby who were worried about not making it to the hospital on time. We did!
I was 5 days late and had an absolutely enormous baby. 10 lbs. 4 oz. There was meconium in the waters and we had a shoulder dystocia situation. Everything turned out fine! We stayed very calm during the labour/birth, and my contractions were much less painful than with my first. We both felt that HypnoBirthing helped us to remain calm and focused and it helped me to trust my body and believe in my own power during what could have been a risky birth.
After our son Jackson was born, the doctor showed us that there was also a true knot in the umbilical cord. Everyone is happy and healthy and I also found recovery much easier this time around.
Thank you again, I will be recommending you to other mamas - to - be!

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know we had a baby boy, Benjamin, 8 days ago. He's happy and healthy and back home, and was born 7lb 7oz.

I also wanted to thank you for your help and all the sessions to get us prepared for the labour. They were absolutely amazing and gave us tools we will use well into the future to help mom relax! The HypnoBirthing was exactly what we needed. Ava laboured for 12 hours and had an amazing experience. Between each wave for almost the entirety of labour she would just lean back and go to sleep.
Your help was invaluable and we really appreciate it!

Zac, Ava, and Ben
Nash was born on January 2nd and our birth is often referred to as the "unicorn birth" by my friends. It went so well. So smooth. And very fast! About 10 hours from my very first contraction to being home with Nash. By the time we got to the birth centre and I got in the tub, I was 9 3/4 cm dilated. We didn't have a lot of time to do the meditation that we had planned... But I feel that I owe my amazing birth all to my incredible midwives, and you and HypnoBirthing. So thank you! 

Baby Boy
We had a wonderful experience delivering our baby at Lucina. It happened very fast. I did not have time to visualize anything. The breathing really helped.
We had a natural birth at the hospital. I did feel that HypnoBirthing was certainly worthwhile! It really helped me to overcome any fears. Instead of fearing labour pain and having anxiety, I just was able to focus and look forward to meeting my baby. I think this helped labour to progress quickly. The course also prepared my husband to be an excellent partner throughout the process.

Thanks again for facilitating this course. I will gladly recommend it in the future!
Rob and I are so happy to let you know that we had our baby boy Sam on March 27,  2016 at 03:22am, 7lbs 0.5 oz, 19 inches.
He is so beautiful and we are so in love.
Thank you so much for our prenatal sessions.  Rob and I were able to deliver at Lucina and had the perfect water birth!


Thank you for your email.  I meant to send you an update and somehow forgot as I've been adjusting now to being a mother of two.  I wanted to thank you.  Baby Madeleine Eileen arrived on February 3rd weighing 6pounds.  If you recall, I had expressed my dissatisfaction with continuing with my
obstetrician and had a lot of misgivings about my ability to avoid a second c section.  You and others encouraged me to apply for a midwife and even though it was late in the game I got in with Leesha at Lucina midwives.  Boy what a change in the approach to care! We planned to do a VBAC at the sturgeon.  

On February 2nd in the afternoon, my water broke.  I had no labour and so my father in law came to hang out and picked up my son to stay with grandma and grandpa just in case of an issue and because I didn't want to be worried about scaring him.  I waited and let my midwife know what time it broke and that was that but I was anxious about it all that night and doing kick counts because that's how things had happened with my first one, who went into distress before I ever got into labour...  At around 5:30 am on February 3 I called my midwife and asked if we could do some monitoring because I felt like I hadn't felt any movement for a while.  We met at the centre and monitoring confirmed baby was alright and had likely just gone to sleep.  We discussed timelines and options and I decided to get a sweep in hopes it would bring on labour.  Got home around 7:30 am, ate a pile of hard boiled eggs for breakfast and hit the sack for a nap as I was told to rest.  Woke up around 10:30 with no labour, just a slight cramp, so according to advice used my breast pump for about twenty minutes and then took a long hot shower.  Had my first contraction in the shower.  Texted back and forth with Leesha with Darren hanging out in the kitchen emptying the dishwasher and started to get enough contractions that I moved downstairs to ask Darren to time me, waiting for 411.  But then, stuff happened quick.  I barfed up everything I had eaten and even though we only timed things for about half an hour, in that time it sped up so fast I had a moment where I thought,  "this is awful, what was I thinking, I can't do this and I need drugs". My rational mind was like a bystander or passenger, I remember when I had that thought taking a moment to think, "no wait, I've read about this before..." I then called Leesha but dropped the phone having the worst contraction to date.  She answered to hear some distant screamingly until I recovered, yelling at Darren to grab my phone and he picked up and started talking with her.  They were talking about how far along I was and it was decided we were staying home and she would come to us because my labour had progressed so quickly.  I was getting the urge to push.  Darren got off the phone and I asked him for a bowl of ice, was burning up and threw my dress off while pacing our Lino floored hallway near our main floor washroom.  I basically had two more pushing urges/ contractions in there, howling from the pain in my back.  Meanwhile Darren had gone upstairs to get towels because this had not been planned as a home birth.  I yelled up to him that I thought the head was coming out and he should get over here to catch the baby and then had time to chuck my underwear and drop to my hands and knees in the hallway in time for one last big pushing contraction where baby basically shot out all at once.  Slippery as she was she hit my husbands hands and the floor at the same time.  With his PhD in chemistry my husband has been towing the line "it's ok, 'cause I'm a doctor "...  He was great because he was cool, calm and collected so did not freak out and bother me in my labour.  He also feels like a superstars because in all of that he managed to not get anything on his pants.

The midwives didn't have a chance to get to our house in time for the birth by the time we realized how fast everything was happening.  It was I think just after noon when I had texted her that we had started timing things but were not yet at 411 and I had the baby by about 1:30pm.  I grabbed my baby and lay on the floor with her, afraid to move too far in case I were to pull the chord and break the placenta or something.    Baby was alert and clear eyed and started nursing right away.  When the midwives arrived they did a preliminary check, cut the chord and delivered the placenta.  They then helped me get up and hobble as cleanly as possible up to our bedroom.  My placenta was chucked into an old mixing bowl I didn't care for to be examined  and an old tent fly was spread in my bed so I could be further checked.  Baby was fine, and the midwives helped me into the shower so I could scrub off.  While they were with me my husband mopped up the mess and that was that.  Leesha told me what to expect and left for another birth while we settled in to get acquainted with baby and come down from the rush.

It was the best birth I could have hoped for, and it was so great to not even leave my house - I didn't step out of home again for another week.  

I will say, with the intensity and rapid progression of my labour, a lot of the techniques from your class were sort of out the window.  But, that said, when I realized I was having the urge to push, even though it felt overwhelming and my body was taking over, at that third to last one before I started to feel like the baby might be crowning, I made an effort to try to slow things down, and take a deep breath and imagine myself opening.  I think that that was crucial because I prevented myself from straining against the pain.  I did not find the pushing out part painful, what I found painful was that the most intense spasms I felt were right in my sacrum, around where I had previously injured my back.  Reminding myself to not tense in fear of the back pain helped.  Darren was not able to help because I was basically pacing around like a wild animal and any attempts he made to touch me were quickly rebuffed.  He just didn't understand and I was not communicating - I felt like I needed the amount of counter pressure that a four hundred pound man might generate if standing on my sacrum, but I just walked around and when contracting would push one hand in my sacrum as hard as I could while clutching a countertop with the other.  I wound up with a case of hemmorrhoids that resolved well with treatment and two first degree tears only in the skin and which Leesha  stitched mainly for good form.  What a huge difference this was for me compared to my first birth experience of an emergency c section with no labour or contractions.  No hospital whatsoever.  It was great, and I believe it was perfect for or me to to manage nursing - my baby girl is exclusively breastfed.  We took another day to recover and then my son came home to meet his little sister and it's all been pretty good, though sometimes tiring and busy.  I think that the two crucial things I did that helped me make it happen this way were taking your class and getting a midwife. Even though I didn't use the HypnoBirthing techniques a lot during labour, I used it a lot for relaxation and to allow me to get to sleep and burn off anxiety and manage overall stress (including work stress).  Changing to midwifery care was the second key thing I did.  I would not have done that if I had not been encouraged to do so by you and by others in the class who told me I should try even if I thought I wouldn't get in and thought it was too late.  It worked out and it was the best medical care I have ever had.

I hope all is well with you, I would definitely like to offer this as a recommendation or testimonial to  others to take your class.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The teacher becomes the student


As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I have always had a deep belief in the benefits of using hypnosis. I feel that for me to be the best Hypnotherapist for my clients I need to experience everything that I preach and teach.
However I had never had a baby; that is until Saturday May 3, 2014, when my son Flynn was born.

Minutes after birth
I waited a really long time to get pregnant, even though I teach HypnoBirthing, and am so excited for everybody when they become pregnant, I just didn't know if it was something I wanted to do. I really wanted to make sure I was ready, emotional, mentally and financially before having a baby, and that took until I was in my late thirties.

I was able to get pregnant easily and it was going smooth and easy, life was good. That is until January 11, 2014, when my mother had a heart attack in front of me. We were alone when she collapsed, which was terrifying to deal with. Later that day at the hospital my mothers heart ruptured suddenly, which is very rare and fatal. My sister Nicole and I were both with her in those final moments and even though she had a breathing tube in she was awake and aware, so we were able to tell her we loved her.
Flynn Francis
This was one of the most stressful situations a person can go through but to be 5 months pregnant was not ideal. I was very concerned about the amount of stress I was under and how that might effect my baby and his birth.
So this is when I needed to walk the talk! I needed to use as much of those relaxation techniques that I teach, and do a ton of self hypnosis, to reduce my stress levels.
The rest of my pregnancy was fine and the grief process became a bit easier with each passing week and month.

My birth was very quick and intense, I went to bed around 11pm on the Friday, having lots of practice labour, which was mild and I fell asleep. I woke up a couple hours later having a really strong surge, which I needed to sit up for and breath very slowly and deeply. Then I just laid back down and went to sleep again. I had one of these every 30 mins or so but just kept sleeping when I wasn't having one.
I got up around 4am and ran a bath, to help me relax a bit more, I had a few more of the stronger surges but again fell asleep while in the tub. I got out of the tub around 5am, and woke up my husband.
He wanted to know if he should call the midwife, but I said no I wasn't sure I was in labour yet.
So I got on the bed on all fours and rode out the surges breathing, breathing and more breathing. I timed them and said call Carly(midwife). She arrived around 6am and my surges where 2-3 mins apart and lasting for over a minute. My husband got the birthing tub ready and by 7am I was in it. At 8:30am I was doing involuntary pushing, so Carly checked me and I was fully dilated. I was very excited because I wouldn't let Carly check me when she arrived, cause I just didn't want to get caught up in the numbers game. I remember looking at my husband and saying high five!!!!!!!
I stayed in the tub for about another hour pushing and nothing was happening so we moved me to the bedroom.
Flynn 3 weeks old
Carly checked and my membranes  (water) had not broken yet and was bulging ahead of the baby, so we ruptured the sac. It felt good when that happened, but there was meconium, in the fluid. The midwives decided to call an ambulance was called as baby just in case there was any concerns with the meconium. Normally we would just get in the car and drive to the hospital but baby was on his way out. I continued to push, while the EMTs were present and the decision was made to transfer me to the hospital because my baby's heart rate was low. Before we even left the house I managed to push him all the way down into my vaginal space and Carly could see the top of his, head. We arrived at the hospital and within minutes he was pulled out of my with forceps. This was not my ideal situation but his health was the most important thing. Besides I ended up having a 99% home birth and 1% hospital birth.

Some people have referred to my birth as tramatic because of the forceps, but I don't view it that way at all. I look at my birth as a wonderful experience, we just had 15 minutes at the very end that weren't fantastic.
My little boy was  born at 11:31am, safe and healthy. We named him Flynn Francis, the Francis is after my Mother Frances (Fran).
I missed my mother immensely during my birthing and since as well, in those moments when you need your mom.
The love I have for my son is the so deep and intense it is almost scary. I know now that if my mother loved me half as much as I love my son, then I was truly loved by my mother. It is sad that I had to learn this just months after my she died.

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