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Group HypnoBirthing Classes

Group classes held at the Lucina Centre listed below:
*Please note there are only 5-6 spots per group available.

Fall/Winter 2015
Fall 2015
Tuesdays October 6 - 27, 2015 - 6-8:30pm 1 spot left
Winter 2015
Tuesdays Nov 17 - Dec 8, 2015 - 6-8:30pm 

If these dates and times do not work for your schedule please inquire about taking private classes.

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Latest HypnoBirthing Moms and their babies.

This is just one of the newest birthing stories, click here to read more amazing stories about birth
I delivered our little baby girl on May 9, 2015 at the Lucina Centre with our amazing midwife Noreen. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better labour and birth and I know a lot of that has to do with meeting Tracy and taking her HypnoBirthing class! Because my husband was working out of town, we decided to take private classes from Tracy which we both really enjoyed. I am a nurse so going into my pregnancy I had a bit of knowledge about what to expect, but because this is our first baby my husband had absolutely no idea. I really wanted to take a class that helped me learn to focus and relax, but would also provide information for my husband on what the whole process would likely be like. HypnoBirthing did just that! Each night we listened to the rainbow relaxation, birthing affirmations, and recordings that Tracy made and they always put us right to sleep.

The evening before my daughter was born my contractions started to pick up in strength and frequency. For the previous two days I had been having short and sporadic ones. I tried to go to sleep but was uncomfortable lying down so I went downstairs and walked around just relaxing and breathing. I honestly don’t really know what I did all night but I was so relaxed. I finally woke my husband up at 5am as the contractions were getting stronger and coming regularly and frequently. I had him make me some juice as I knew I wouldn’t want to eat as labour progressed. I had him phone Noreen at 6am as I thought my labour had stalled. Little did I know I had been timing my contractions wrong. I was only timing the intense part of the contraction so I thought they were 30 seconds long, when in fact they were 1 minute long and 2 minutes apart. I was still so relaxed and calm and very focused. Because I had told Noreen that my contractions were only 30 seconds long she wasn’t convinced that I was in active labour yet but said she was going to make her way to our house to check me. By the time she arrived, we figured out my mistake and were glad she was there. At 8am when she checked me I was already at 6cm! So we decided it was time to head over to the centre. My husband made a coffee and I very slowly (you were right Tracy!!) got myself organized. Tracy gave me some great tips on traveling while in labour that really helped me. I was comfortable and relaxed on our drive and excited we were going to meet our baby soon. At Lucina I got right into the water and put on some quiet music. My labour progressed and I was dilating about a centimeter per hour. During the first hour or so I was still talking between contractions and enjoying the relaxing environment. I’m not sure when, and was likely unaware of it, but at some point I just closed my eyes and stopped speaking. I don’t remember what I was thinking about but I know I was very relaxed and content. I do remember sitting up in the tub with my eyes closed and leaning to one side resting my weight on one arm and my arm kept buckling. I felt awake but it was similar to when you’re sitting upright and your head bobs forward because you’re falling asleep. At some point during the early afternoon, Noreen thought I should be ready to push any time, but I didn’t have any urge to whatsoever. My contractions were much stronger now and I really focused on my breathing which was turning into more of a long drawn out moan. It was so quiet and peaceful though. Exactly what I had planned for. My husband knew what to say and when not to say anything (thanks Tracy)! I was totally unaware of time and though the contractions had become quite intense I never once thought that I wasn’t going to be able to do it. After some help from Noreen, my water broke and she was able to help maneuver the baby’s head downwards. I had to push a couple times without the urge to which felt strange but soon enough my contractions were right on top of each other and I was ready to get that baby out! Things were pretty intense, but again I was so focused and ready. I was out
of the tub by this point as I found it easier to push. It was hard and intense but after 20 minutes of
pushing our little girl was placed into my arms at 2:18pm. What an incredible experience! She was so
alert and was lifting her head off of my chest within minutes. We were back home within 2 hours.  
Having taken Tracy’s HypnoBirthing course I am a firm believer that it was such an important part of my experience. So many people told me how painful and terrible labour was, and that I was crazy to try to do it without any pain medication but it was the best experience I could have hoped for! Yes it was painful, but there were so many things that Tracy taught us so that I was able to stay focused and not overwhelmed.
If you are at all interested in HypnoBirthing I strongly recommend it. Even my husband said he really liked the course and it really helped him feel as though he was needed and useful during my labour. 
Thank you again Tracy for all your help!

We had a girl on June 16, 8 lbs 6 ounes. Her name is Ember.
I had a really good birthing experience and I think a HUGE part of it is because of the HypnoBirthing class! We attended the sessions offered, practiced the HypnoBirthing a few times a week and I listened to the rainbow relaxation and affirmations daily in the weeks leading up to the delivery. 

I started having surges in the morning on a Sunday... They weren't too intense so I kept about my daily activities but tried to do the breathing we were taught, walk lots and do stairs. That night I listened to the relaxation CD and the surges stopped, I was able to fall asleep and mostly sleep through the night. I woke up in the morning to find the surges getting more intense. I thought my water might be breaking but wasn't sure so I called health link and they said I should probably go into the hospital as I am 45 minutes away. I woke up my husband but was still very calm and relaxed at this point. I told him we should go to the hospital. Because I seemed so relaxed, he took his time getting ready, making coffee, having breakfast etc. Meanwhile, I was in the bathroom and the surges started to get much more intense, only a few minutes apart! We finally got in the truck and started the drive. I turned on the rainbow relaxation CD full blast and tried to relax. I didn't know it but apparently I was in the "transition" phase at this point. It was quite intense I had a hard time sitting still but was trying so hard to breath and focus on the rainbows. My water actually broke in the truck but luckily we had a garbage bag on the seat! 

When we finally arrived I basically had to almost crawl into the hospital. We made it to admitting and the lady was asking me questions about my address etc. as my water continued breaking making a puddle all over the floor that I was crawling in! Finally someone got me a wheelchair and they  brought me in for assessment. Turns out I was almost 9 cm dilated! They rushed me upstairs and got me onto a bed. We quickly gave them our birth plan and put on my relaxing music. Within minutes I was pushing and the doctor came running in!
I found in between pushes I was able to fully relax my body and regain strength. I think it was because I had practiced doing this so much ahead of time with the CD. The room was very quiet and peaceful with only the doctor, nurse and my husband. Everyone was quiet except when prompting me to push. The music played. Within 45 minutes she was out!!!! The whole process was only about 2 1/2 hours... the doctor said we were lucky we made it to the hospital!

I had very minor tearing, and no significant post labour issues.
My husband and I attribute my wonderful delivery to our ability to keep calm, stay focused and work with my body. All the prep work we did ahead of time actually paid off in the end! I also feel that doing pre-natal yoga and using an Epino (to prevent tearing) helped as well.

Thank-you so much again Tracy for all your knowledge and wisdom!!! It truly made our experience pre and post natal wonderful!! I would highly recommend HypnoBirthing to anyone and have to all my friends!!!!!

All the best

Ember came early 37 weeks and a day (that's what I get for saying I just needed her to stay in till 36 weeks).  The birth was good , no pre labour, my water broke and contractions started at 1.5 minutes long and one minute apart. We arrived at Lucina around 330am, and I was 6 cm, she was born at 7:41 am. I'm really happy we took the course, I catch Nick using the same techniques with Em when she is upset.
Thank you for your class !! I'm very glad we took it!  So glad I went the route I did.

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The teacher becomes the student


As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I have always had a deep belief in the benefits of using hypnosis. I feel that for me to be the best Hypnotherapist for my clients I need to experience everything that I preach and teach.
However I had never had a baby; that is until Saturday May 3, 2014, when my son Flynn was born.

Minutes after birth
I waited a really long time to get pregnant, even though I teach HypnoBirthing, and am so excited for everybody when they become pregnant, I just didn't know if it was something I wanted to do. I really wanted to make sure I was ready, emotional, mentally and financially before having a baby, and that took until I was in my late thirties.

I was able to get pregnant easily and it was going smooth and easy, life was good. That is until January 11, 2014, when my mother had a heart attack in front of me. We were alone when she collapsed, which was terrifying to deal with. Later that day at the hospital my mothers heart ruptured suddenly, which is very rare and fatal. My sister Nicole and I were both with her in those final moments and even though she had a breathing tube in she was awake and aware, so we were able to tell her we loved her.
Flynn Francis
This was one of the most stressful situations a person can go through but to be 5 months pregnant was not ideal. I was very concerned about the amount of stress I was under and how that might effect my baby and his birth.
So this is when I needed to walk the talk! I needed to use as much of those relaxation techniques that I teach, and do a ton of self hypnosis, to reduce my stress levels.
The rest of my pregnancy was fine and the grief process became a bit easier with each passing week and month.

My birth was very quick and intense, I went to bed around 11pm on the Friday, having lots of practice labour, which was mild and I fell asleep. I woke up a couple hours later having a really strong surge, which I needed to sit up for and breath very slowly and deeply. Then I just laid back down and went to sleep again. I had one of these every 30 mins or so but just kept sleeping when I wasn't having one.
I got up around 4am and ran a bath, to help me relax a bit more, I had a few more of the stronger surges but again fell asleep while in the tub. I got out of the tub around 5am, and woke up my husband.
He wanted to know if he should call the midwife, but I said no I wasn't sure I was in labour yet.
So I got on the bed on all fours and rode out the surges breathing, breathing and more breathing. I timed them and said call Carly(midwife). She arrived around 6am and my surges where 2-3 mins apart and lasting for over a minute. My husband got the birthing tub ready and by 7am I was in it. At 8:30am I was doing involuntary pushing, so Carly checked me and I was fully dilated. I was very excited because I wouldn't let Carly check me when she arrived, cause I just didn't want to get caught up in the numbers game. I remember looking at my husband and saying high five!!!!!!!
I stayed in the tub for about another hour pushing and nothing was happening so we moved me to the bedroom.
Flynn 3 weeks old
Carly checked and my membranes  (water) had not broken yet and was bulging ahead of the baby, so we ruptured the sac. It felt good when that happened, but there was meconium, in the fluid. The midwives decided to call an ambulance was called as baby just in case there was any concerns with the meconium. Normally we would just get in the car and drive to the hospital but baby was on his way out. I continued to push, while the EMTs were present and the decision was made to transfer me to the hospital because my baby's heart rate was low. Before we even left the house I managed to push him all the way down into my vaginal space and Carly could see the top of his, head. We arrived at the hospital and within minutes he was pulled out of my with forceps. This was not my ideal situation but his health was the most important thing. Besides I ended up having a 99% home birth and 1% hospital birth.

Some people have referred to my birth as tramatic because of the forceps, but I don't view it that way at all. I look at my birth as a wonderful experience, we just had 15 minutes at the very end that weren't fantastic.
My little boy was  born at 11:31am, safe and healthy. We named him Flynn Francis, the Francis is after my Mother Frances (Fran).
I missed my mother immensely during my birthing and since as well, in those moments when you need your mom.
The love I have for my son is the so deep and intense it is almost scary. I know now that if my mother loved me half as much as I love my son, then I was truly loved by my mother. It is sad that I had to learn this just months after my she died.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Five Simple Steps to Calm Your Baby’s Fussies!

When you become a new parent, your job is to love your baby like crazy, but in addition, there are two main tasks – to feed your baby successfully and to soothe her crying. Parents who do these well feel great! However, those who struggle feel terrible. Fortunately, there are lots of places to find help with feeding. On the other hand, there is little help for soothing crying. Now, some crying is actually a good thing. It’s a brilliant way for helpless babies to get our attention. But, 50% of babies fuss and cry more than 11/2 hours per day! That barrage can make parents crumble and trigger exhaustion, nursing problems, marital conflicts, depression and even abuse.
Most books advise that inconsolable babies should be put down and allowed to cry. Fortunately, that’s not true and some simple tips will quickly turn you into a world-class baby calmer!
First, you need to know that few babies scream from severe tummy pain (even though that’s what everyone’s told). They cry because, in an odd way, they are so immature that they can’t settle themselves without help. Unlike baby horses, able to run the first day of life, our newborns are smushy little creatures who must be “evicted” from the womb three months before they’re ready so their big heads don’t get stuck in the birth canal.
For centuries, moms have known that babies calm when they’re held, rocked and shushed, but they didn’t realize that by doing those things they were imitating their uterus. In the womb, babies are snug, warm, jiggled a lot, and hear the constant whoosh of blood pulsations (it’s louder than a vacuum cleaner). We think they need a quiet room and a still bed, but that is actually sensory deprivation for babies…and often drives them bananas!
How does imitating the uterus soothe babies? It triggers a phenomenal reflex – the calming reflex – which is the “off-switch” for crying all babies are born with. It’s activated by doing five simple steps that imitate the uterus… the 5 S’s. They are simple, but you must do them exactly right (or else they may not work):
Swaddling – Snug wrapping is the cornerstone of calming, the essential first step in baby soothing. Swaddling is like the soft caresses babies feel during pregnancy. Babies often struggle during the wrapping, but it helps keep them from flailing. And, as soon as you add the other S’s the calming will begin. (Avoid loose blankets around the face and overheating. They are associated with SIDS.)
Side or Stomach Position – The back is the only safe sleeping position. But, it makes crying babies cry even more because they feel a bit like they’re falling. The side or stomach position cancels that feeling and switches on the calming.
Shushing – Shushing is “music to your baby’s ears.” Remember, the sound in the womb is louder than a vacuum, so when your baby is crying you’ll need to shush as loudly as she’s wailing, then gradually lessen your intensity as she settles. (A CD of womb sounds is worth its weight in gold.)
Swinging – Infants love rocking, but crying babies need fast, tiny, jiggly movements back and forth like a shiver when they’re really upset. Swings, slings and rocking chairs help to keep them calm once they settle. Always support your baby’s head and never jiggle her when you’re angry.
Sucking – This wonderful S is the “icing on the cake.” It lulls babies into profound tranquility. Nursing moms offer the breast for soothing and avoid using pacifiers until the baby is nursing well for a couple of weeks.
Soothing your infant is like “dancing” with him… but let him lead! The vigor of your S’s should mirror the intensity of his fussies. When your baby’s crying lessens, gradually reduce the vigor of the S’s… and guide your swaddled baby to a “soft landing.”
Now, you’re ready to have some fun! When your baby cries, just think of it as an opportunity to practice your skills and turn your little fuss-budget into – the happiest baby on your block!

PS: Besides being super for soothing babies, swaddling and strong white noise (all night long) keep the calming reflex working and usually add a wonderful one to two extra hours to a baby’s sleep. 

By Harvey Karp M.D See Article

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